Marie Guenther is a visual artist and musician from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is a self taught photographer, and began dabbling in the medium in 2006.

She began playing violin at age 5, and took 9 years of private lessons until graduating from high school. Marie has performed with the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra, The Shorewood Players and various small ensembles for weddings and other private events. Currently, she performs as a studio musician for artists and friends around the world, and with a local orchestra in Milwaukee.

Marie also works as Resident Curator and contributor for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s open collaborative production company, hitRECord, specializing in text, video, and imagery. They are currently busy with production of their Emmy-winning TV show, HITRECORD ON TV Season 2, which is set to air January 2015. Many of her musical, video, and photographic contributions can be found on Season 1, which now streams on Netflix. 


Vital Source Magazine Random Exposure, gallery exhibition, September 2008
Heidi Spencer, Under Streetlight Glow, album photography
Rolling Stone Magazine "SONY x hitRECord" December 2013 issue
SONY Ad Campaign, "Introducing the SONY RX100 ll", 2014
HITRECORD, Hollywood Forever, Troubadour stage backgrounds, 2013
Papernstitch Magazine
Dujour Magazine


Jeremy Kuzniar, Loaf, violin, cello 2008
Heidi Spencer & The Rare Birds (Bella Union), Under Streetlight Glow, violin 2009
Roman Edirisinghe, Wonderland, violin 2009
Emma Wallace, Love Songs & Lullabies, violin 2011
Emma Wallace, Santa, Take The Night Off, violin 2013
The Forever Endeavor Project, New Hope, New Year, violin 2013
HITRECORD, Adieu, violin, vox 2013
HITRECORD, First Stars I See Tonight, violin 2013
HITRECORD, Above It All, violin 2013
HITRECORD + Sean Ono Lennon, Either/Order, violin 2013
HITRECORD, A Chicken Is A Chicken, violin 2013
HITRECORD, We Can Go Back Again, violin, vox, 2013
HITRECORD, Of The Future, violin, 2014
Spaceship, Shake Time Loose, violin 2014 

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