Photography has been a true passion of mine since the day an old friend let me play around with his Nikon SLR. I didn't always know what I was doing back in those days, but it was an instant and consuming love. A violinist since the wee age of 5, I focused heavily on music all through childhood and beyond. Looking back though, I often wish that I'd been given a camera much earlier in life. I have dabbled in the medium since 2005; first with film, then switching to (mostly) digital.  I became a mother on New Year's Day, 2010, and so began my serious love for capturing the fleeting, bittersweet moments of motherhood and life. 

Beautiful natural light and candid moments are my jam.  I should warn you now that I will not set up or stage your family in rows and ask you to say "cheese!". I prefer our time together to be as organic, relaxed, and true to you as possible. Don't worry about not knowing what to do when the lens is out. I'll help guide you into comfortable and natural looking positions that will look effortless and perfectly not-so-posed. 

I will capture you and your loved ones in the moments, as they come. There will be movement! I'll find the spots where the lighting is just right, and we'll play with that light. I am a quiet observer with a keen eye for the magical, in-between moments that will make for beautiful memories and cherished keepsakes.

In addition to portraiture, I am also available to photograph your brand, product or space (if I feel my aesthetic and style + your vision are a good match).

I look forward to creating with you!

C R E A T I V E  A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S


Vital Source Magazine Random Exposure, gallery exhibition, September 2008 
Heidi Spencer, Under Streetlight Glow, album photography
Rolling Stone Magazine "SONY x hitRECord" December 2013 issue
HITRECORD, Hollywood Forever, Troubadour stage backgrounds, 2013 
SONY Ad Campaign, "Introducing the SONY RX100 ll", 2014
Claire Renaud, Nous aurons des lits pleins d'odeurs légères, book cover photography 
Paulina FloresQué vergüenza, book cover photography
HITRECORD, The Patterns Book, photography


Jeremy Kuzniar, Loaf, violin, cello 2008
Heidi Spencer & The Rare Birds (Bella Union), Under Streetlight Glow, violin 2009
Roman Edirisinghe, Wonderland, violin 2009
Emma Wallace, Love Songs & Lullabies, violin 2011
Emma Wallace, Santa, Take The Night Off, violin 2013
The Forever Endeavor Project, New Hope, New Year, violin 2013
HITRECORD, Adieu, violin, vox 2013
HITRECORD, First Stars I See Tonight, violin 2013
HITRECORD, Above It All, violin 2013
HITRECORD + Sean Ono Lennon, Either/Order, violin 2013 
HITRECORD, A Chicken Is A Chicken, violin 2013
HITRECORD, We Can Go Back Again, violin, vox, 2013
HITRECORD, Of The Future, violin, 2014
Spaceship, Shake Time Loose, violin 2014
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Community Orchestra - violin 

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